原本大家常提的例如北美往返25000 aeroplan的兑换,叫Classic Flight Rewards,现在改名叫Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards。Aeroplan说的很清楚,每个航班上的Fixed Mileage的位置是有限的,先订先得,订完就没了(你可以用Fixed Mileage rate来兑换星空联盟其他航空公司的票)。而加航所有其他座位,可以使用Aeroplan的Market Fare rate来兑换(其他航空公司的就不适用了)。通常Market rate要高于Fixed rate,不过在很少的情况下,Market rate可能会低于Fixed rate(如果你是Aeroplan Distinction会员,还会有额外折扣)。

Aeroplan没细说的部分是TA臭名昭著的高额燃油费。你如果选Market rate时会发现在里程外的税费会比你选同样的Fixed rate的税费要低。不过大多时候,综合考虑下Market rate是不太合适的(甚至不如直接花钱买机票)。

我个人觉得里程票最好的一点是你可以利用Stopover或Open-jaw规则在一次旅行中花同样的里程数游玩多个城市(绝对比你分段花钱买票要合算)。但不好的一点就是Fixed rate的里程票数量实在太少了,如果全家几口同时出行,很有可能不能订到足够的里程票。所以聚沙建议,如果有出行计划的话,最好尽早订里程票。

How many miles do I need for a Fixed Mileage Flight Reward?

Please see the Reward Chart and Mileage Calculator to see just how many miles you'd need for your trip.

Can I redeem for a one-way flight?

Yes, you can. For a Fixed Mileage Flight Reward, all you need is 50% of the roundtrip flight reward mileage to book, applicable to all destinations to/from North America. For a Market Fare Flight Reward, the number of miles needed is based on whatever the market fare is at time of booking.

Can I book even if I don't have enough miles?

Yes, you can top up your mileage. For just C$0.03 per mile (plus taxes), you can purchase up to 50% of the total mileage you need for that reward.

What's considered a "stopover"?

When you book a roundtrip Fixed Mileage Flight Reward, you can fly through up to two cities, so why not stop and stay awhile? A stopover is an intentional stop to or from a specific destination city. Select the multi-city option when booking your flight to learn how to include stopovers in your itinerary.

What's an "open-jaw" itinerary?

When you choose to fly into Paris, but fly home from London, that's considered an open-jaw booking. Basically, it means that you fly to one place, fly home from another, and make your way by car, train, or even another flight between your arrival and departure cities. To include an open-jaw in your itinerary, be sure to select the multi-city option when booking your flight.

Are there any taxes or other fees that apply to Flight Reward bookings?

Flight Reward bookings, as with all loyalty programs, are subject to applicable airport taxes, fees and carrier surcharges imposed by the airline and any government authority. Additional taxes and fees may be collected at the airport.

What if I need to change my booking?

Changes to unused Flight Rewards (e.g. flight date(s), flight time(s), class of service, routing and/or itinerary) may be made up to a minimum of two hours prior to departure. A non-refundable fee of C$90 plus taxes per ticket applies.

Can I change my booking at the airport on my departure day?

Yes. Same-day confirmed changes at the airport are permitted to either an earlier or later flight on the same itinerary for a charge of C$75 per passenger holding either a confirmed Economy, Premium Economy or Business Class Aeroplan Fixed Mileage Flight Reward or Market Fare Flight Reward on Air Canada, Air Canada express, or Air Canada rouge. No additional mileage charges apply for changes made on the day of travel at the airport, but changes are subject to availability.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

Unused Flight Reward tickets can be cancelled up to a minimum of two hours prior to scheduled departure and will remain valid for one year from the date of ticket issue if unused, or from the date of first outbound departure if partially used. At time of rebooking, a non-refundable C$90 fee plus taxes per ticket will be applied.

Can my miles be put back into my account?

Unused and valid Flight Rewards may be refunded and miles reinstated up to 22 days before the scheduled date of departure. A non-refundable C$90 fee plus taxes per ticket will be applied.

When can I choose my seat?

You can reserve your seat as soon as you book—or anytime afterwards. Just go to the carrier airline's website for full details and be sure to have your booking reference number on hand.

How much luggage can I take?

Baggage allowance varies by carrier, so please consult the airline's website for full details regarding the amount, size and weight of checked and carry-on luggage.

When can I check in?

If you're travelling with Air Canada, you can check in online up to 24 hours before departure here. For Star Alliance airlines, you can check in via the airline's individual website.