CIBC Smart Account 简介

CIBC最近推出了一种新的银行支票账户:CIBC Smart Account。其与众不同之处就在于账户的月费不是固定的,而是随着你每月的transaction数量而改变的:
  • 每月低于12次transactions,月费$4.95
  • 每月高于12次transactions的部分,每次transaction收费$1.25,但月费最高封顶为$14.95
  • Unlimited Interac e-Transfers
  • 如果账户每天balance>$3000,并保持每月一个recurring direct deposity或每月2个pre-authorized payments,就可以免除月费。
这个账户适合每月transaction数量不定的朋友。如果你确定每月transaction数<12的话,你就应该选择CIBC Everyday Chequing Account(月费$3.90)。

如果你在6月30日前在CIBC开通Smart Account账户(在4月1日前不能已有任何CIBC支票账户),并在3个月内完成1次recurring direct deposit或者2次recurring pre-authorized debits(这2次debits必须在同一个日历月内),你就可以得到$300 bonus。

注意:CIBC要求开户人必须保有账户1年以上,否则会收回$300。The Cash Reward is subject to the condition (the “Reward Condition”) that the Eligible Client’s Chequing Account must remain open, active and unconverted for at least one (1) calendar year from the month-end of the month during which the Account was opened. Failing this, such Eligible Client (a “Disqualified Reward Client”) will not qualify for the Cash Reward. If the Cash Reward has already been provided to a Disqualified Reward Client, CIBC reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to charge the client’s Chequing Account for, or send an invoice to the Disqualified Reward Client for, $300 CAD.

PS: Eligible Recurring Transactions: Most recurring direct deposits and pre-authorized debits are eligible. Examples of common recurring direct deposits are payroll, CPP/QPP, disability payments, dividends, and government deposits such as Employment Insurance (EI) and provincial parental insurance plan (PPIP). Examples of common recurring pre-authorized debits are pre-authorized bill payments and loan or mortgage payments where you set up pre-authorized instructions with your mortgage, loan, credit card and/or other provider directly from your CIBC Smart Account. Recurring pre-authorized fund transfers that you initiate (i.e., if you use telephone banking, ATM and/or online banking to set up) to other CIBC deposit, credit card or line of credit accounts, or to accounts at other financial institutions, are not eligible for the Offer.