AmEx Fixed Points Travel Program 优惠

Expiry: Mar 31, 2018

加国理财网在前面介绍过通过AmEx Fixed Points Travel Program换机票(点击查看),目前该program有优惠。嗯,该优惠是定向的,目前有运通个人白金/个人金卡/商业白金/Cobalt的持卡人拿到此offer,大家可以去自己的邮箱查看。

如果你拿到优惠,那在3月31日前,通过AmEx Fixed Points Travel Program换机票可以得到额外5000点MR(当你换15000 MR-50000 MR的机票)或10000点MR(当你换60000 MR以上的机票)的额外bonus奖励。注意:没有travel时间的限制。嗯,聚沙看最合适的还是换15000/20000 MR的北美短途航线,等于~25%的回报。当然长途的刚需也是不错的,总比没有好。

优惠的T&C:You can redeem a fixed number of points to cover the base ticket price of eligible flights up to the applicable maximum base ticket price. The base ticket price (often referred to by airlines as the base fare) excludes taxes, fees and carrier surcharges. You will be charged for these additional costs and any dollar amount that exceeds the applicable maximum base ticket price. The Fixed Points Travel Program applies to airfares offered through American Express Travel Services Canada or on When you redeem points for an eligible flight, the full cost of the flight, including taxes, fees and carrier surcharges will be charged to your Card upon booking. Within 5-10 business days from the date of booking, you will receive a statement credit for the base ticket price up to the applicable maximum base ticket price. If your statement monthly cycle cut date falls between the date the transaction is recorded on your statement and the date the statement credit is processed, you will be responsible for paying your monthly statement in full. The statement credit will be applied against your next statement. Full terms and conditions for the Fixed Points Travel Program can be found at