WestJet Status Match 升金卡

Deal Link: https://www.westjet.com/guest/en/rewards/get-gold.shtml

WestJet推出了快速升到金卡会员的Status Match。这个活动需要你已经是另外一个航空公司或者常旅客计划的精英会员【像Hilton钻石/SPG白金/租车公司的高级会员等等都可以】。

  • 全名
  • WestJet Rewards ID (如果没有可现在加入)
  • A photo or scanned copy of your membership card in another airline's frequent flyer program or travel rewards program showing your name, top-tier status and valid dates 【在注册活动前订的机票,只要在8月16日至10月31日内飞就可以】

注意:你必须在飞行的日期最少10天前向Westjet提出要求Status Match的request,Westjet会给你发确认信。【The request to participate with proof of status must be submitted a minimum of 10 days prior to flight date. All required information must be provided or the submission will be deemed to be incomplete. Screenshots showing account information or submissions of any other kind will not be accepted. Once a request to participate has been received, the information will be verified by WestJet within 10 days and, if deemed to be complete, accurate and eligible, the member will be registered as conditionally eligible to receive Gold flight benefits, pending satisfaction of the minimum flight requirement. Gold flight benefits will not be awarded without meeting the flight requirement set out.