CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Privilege消费优惠

加国理财网前面介绍过CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Privilege信用卡(点击查看)。昨天聚沙收到了一个此卡的offer,在2018年5月18日至9月4日之间,通过此卡在加油站/菜店/药店消费$1可在原来得的1.5 Aeroplan miles的基础上再多得4 Aeroplan miles,也就是每消费$1得5.5 Aeroplan,即~9%的回报(如果会用Aeroplan的朋友,甚至等于10%以上的回报),且回报不封顶。

这样的话,在优惠期间的消费回报甚至比神卡AmEx Cobalt都要高了。不知道TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege信用卡有没有类似的offer。注意:这个offer是定向的,据我所知,有的CIBC VIP持卡人并没拿到这个offer,或拿的offer有少许差异。大家可以去CIBC关联的email信箱里面去查找,必须要先点offer里面的“Activate your offer”才算注册上这个offer。

Terms: To qualify for this offer, you must make a purchase(s) with your CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Privilege Card (net of returns) within the following categories: Gas, Grocery, and Drugstore (as classified by the Merchant Category Code). The full list of eligible Merchant Category Codes is as follows: Grocery Stores and Supermarkets (5411), Pharmaceuticals (5122), Pharmacies (5912), Filling Stations – Automotive Gasoline (5541), and Gas Pumps (Automated Fuel Dispensers) (5542). Purchases must be made between May 18, 2018 and September 4th, 2018 ("Eligible Purchases") and such Eligible Purchases must be posted to your CIBC Aeroplan credit card account ("Account") by September 12, 2018. A one-time activation for this offer is required and can only be completed by clicking the button on this page.

PS: 多谢“浩浩”提供信息,CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite信用卡持卡人有拿到如下offer的,在加油站/菜店/药店消费$1可在原来得的1.5 Aeroplan miles的基础上再多得3 Aeroplan miles,也就是每消费$1得4.5 Aeroplan。这也是很不错的优惠了噢。。。